Death and Taxes

by Greg Rekus

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released January 8, 2020


all rights reserved



Greg Rekus Winnipeg, Manitoba


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Track Name: Not Too Late to Change
Judging someone from you insecurity
its lack of reason it's a lack of maturity
homophobia gender inequality
racist sexist will be antiquity

Don't hold these values and tradition to yourself
it hurts your family it hurts everybody else
you didn't start this it's the way it's always been
but you can stop this this is where the end begins

If you had just one chance to change
would you take or hesitate
would you redefine
the things you know
the things you love
how you relate
excuses that you make
Track Name: Time
24 Hours in a day
but were waiting
always waiting for something to happen
late for something
late for nothing
and it's counting down around us
wait for money
dirty money
time is money and it controls us
so find your way out
time's a wasting
and it's slipping all away

time time wasting our time
we'll all have a good time wasting our time
never look back no never cross the line
time time wasting our time
time time wasting our time

Only 7 days left in this week
but we're complaining
complaining like it's solving the problem
so what's the answer
or what's the question
if no one wants the solution
if we have money
all the money
can we buy out easy answers
to save the rich ones
and fuck the poor one
the doomed are wasting all away
Track Name: Checkmate
What's 10 years late and always on the fence
checking my shoulder waiting in suspense
sometimes you get ahead sometimes you get down
sometimes you get up just to stop and turn around

so hands in my pockets counting both shoes
some people get by by leaning on the blues
but i'm leaning so hard it's 3 shades gone
we all gotta find a place where we belong


Tell me what you want
show me you need it
we all fall down
we all fall down

show me what you want
tell me you believe it
we all fall down
we all fall down

the signs are in the sky
you know we don't need it
we all fall down
we all fall down

surrender those words will there's nothing left to say
sober nights to sobriety today
some rooms feel dark some places feel cold
how far can you go till you stop feeling old

i'm tired of walking i'm hitching a ride
life's too short to keep it all inside
sometimes we get high to stop feeling low
what do you do when there's no place left to go
Track Name: Smart Ones
It's a waste of my time every time
get these pages out of my head
if it's repeating constantly repeating
better wasted or better off dead

1 2 3 to having no ambitions
3 2 1 to having no where to run

Is it hard to stay focused
Is it hard to stay alive

do the smart ones run or do the smart ones hide

do you wanna stay broken
do you wanna live your life

can you wear it on your sleeve
can you keep it all inside

do the smart ones run or do the smart ones hide

will you fuck up every moment
will you fuck up every time

do the smart ones run or do the smart ones hide

a disappointment accept tolerate
lack of patience lack of remorse
signs of weakness always signs of weakness
better wasted or better off dead

1 2 3 to my self degradation
3 2 1 to having no where to hide
Track Name: Take a Stand
The rich and the poor don't see it the same way
cuz the rich is holding on to what the poor will give away
but the poor ain't poor cuz they waste their lives away
I think it's time the rich are gonna pay

So we all marched down to the center of the square
and we yelled and we sang to declare what we declared
but it wasn't very long till there were bullets in the air
cuz a fight with a cop is never fail

surround the gates
until it breaks

i'm tired of running it's time to take a stand
time to take a stand
I thought I never can

no more lies
we're making our demands
it's time to take a stand
it's time to take a stand

well the times were getting tough we all could tell you that
but it doesn't really count until it falls upon your back
and the signs for a change were at the top of the stack
I think it's time the poor should take it back

it's like we're winning if we got words
we can stand in between the divides we don't deserve
and every single person has the right to be heard
the day equality no longer blurred 
Track Name: Get Away
what old city values will try to stick around
what new school faces will be the new sound
some would say it's a race to the ground
start it all over again and again

I spend most nights watching bands on a stage
lie about the drinks and the drugs and my age
it won't be long till they put me in a cage
for living my life
for living my life

I wanna get away

When what you believe is worthy of a crime
if it worked here once it could work here everytime
when the lies and the truth are on both sides of the line
you gotta trust yourself
you gotta trust yourself

I wanna be the change that I wanna see in life
but it's easy to stray on the edge of a knife
you can take it on the chin of can take it in strife
it's the same in the end
it's the same in the end
Track Name: Cigarettes
cigarette smoke blinds me again
i’m staring at the corner of a ceiling
i hear these brave words circle my head
but it's easy to be brave from a distance
knowledge can speak but only wisdom will listen
and I’m sick to death of preaching to the choir
It’s hard to set an example if no one’s watching

change my name
stay the same

hey I’m at the party so I better get wasted
fuck this awkward feeling, I’d rather just face it off
against a smile, and live in distractions
this ain't no revolution yet

bitter words and bitter pills are the same
It's not what you want and both hard to swallow
so eat your name and swallow your pride
there's no room for privilege where we're going
their words can still change but people staying the same
when trust is something better earned then granted
whoever controls the past controls the future

what's left to do
it'd rather just change my name
Track Name: Not Doing a Good Job
You're not doing a good job at getting older
the lights are burning out and the house is getting colder
that savings account keep getting lower
once there was friends now only cold shoulders

bills ain't paid and the cat is always hungry
sleeping too late like every day is Sunday
your house shouldn't be just one big ashtray
wake a bake daily especially week days

you don't have to play
you can waste your life away
don't follow what I do but what I say
you'll be ok

you're not doing a good job at staying sober
1 week at a job and your practically fired
your car and your cloth have particular odors
dodging the land lore the bills and your mother

laughing it off when still in your 20s
it's all a phase and won't last till the 30s
these juvenile ways will soon be history
we all know the why it's the how that's a mystery   
Track Name: Smoke
Where's there's smoke there is a fire
but not always

Where's there's love there is desire
but not always

Where there's truth there is a liar
but not always

when you're old you can retire
but not always

this game of fate it still tortures
there are no cards left in this deck to win this hand
and the buildings down below are still haunting me
as the sky turns bitter grey to crimson red

what you see is what transpires
but not always

a half truth trail we desire
but not always

so wall our hearts as fortifiers
but not always

and take from life what it inspires
but not always

forged in fear or forged in fire
but not always

our apathy one day expires
but not always
Track Name: I Don't Care
They sell sell sell our preservation
The old the poor it's all the same
Declaring Journalism Treason
Who makes the rules is never to blame

But how can we fight with a broken arrow
How can we think when our minds are narrow
How can we scream when there's nothing left to say

I don't care
I don't care
I don't care
I don't care anymore

Go away
Go away
Go away
Go away no rapport

They buy buy buy our separation
Divide and rule it's all the same
with clever eyes you can traced the outlines
of revolutions never came
Track Name: Streams of Whiskey
Last night as I slept
I dreamt I met with Behan
I shook him by the hand and we passed the time of day
When questioned on his views
On the crux of life's philosophies
He had but these few clear and simple words to say

I am going, I am going
Any which way the wind may be blowing
I am going, I am going
Where streams of whiskey are flowing

I have cursed, bled and sworn
Jumped bail and landed up in jail
Life has often tried to stretch me
But the rope always was slack
And now that I've a pile
I'll go down to the Chelsea
I'll walk in on my feet
But I'll leave there on my back

Oh the words that he spoke
Seemed the wisest of philosophies
There's nothing ever gained
By a wet thing called a tear
When the world is too dark
And I need the light inside of me
I'll walk into a bar
And drink fifteen pints of beer
Track Name: A Newer Hope
If we all stopped to take our part
our small corner of the park
drew the lines, built the fence
would we be free?
Cuz no one wants to share
mine is here and yours is there
and they'd rather shoot you dead then let you me

we need hope we need hope
we can't live hanging from this rope
i'm just 1 and you make 2 so who'll be 3
fall on your face awkward
at least then you fell forward
we need hope we need hope we need hope

they started to have their fun
july 1981
paved the way to monetize society
deregulate the rules
break the unions close the school
lets redefine what was meant by liberty

It's not too late to start
take some time to do your part
the grass roots may be small but they grow deep
so look past our differences
learn to live with tolerances
make this world look like one we wanna keep
Track Name: No Other Way
There's no other way
there's no other way
seen all the times
read all the mind
there's no other way

it puts us all in
a gamble that's gone astray
these house rules are cruel
tongue tied and masquerade
what our opinions relay
the message at bay
there's no other way

so what's left to pay
will we work our lives away
old money runs deep
and did they come to it honestly
with nothing left to say
is this equality